Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Two Books + One

A reminder and a new announcement! First of all, the two volume set of Frijole Flats Sketchbooks are still available from Keith Glaab at FFYorke@gmail.com. 

Volume 1 contains the initial story of Frijole Flats. Then the reader is taken on a tour of the town. There are photos and scale drawings of 13 structures and wagons along with the article "How to make styrene look like wood" as well as Basic painting instructions. This 55 page spiral bound book also includes a set of signs that can be used as is or photo copied in your scale for use. 

Volume 2 is the 42 page continuation of the town and factory complex. It features 13 more scale drawings of structures for the factory complex and a few for the town. Color images and track plans are also included. With this volume you will complete the Frijole Flats series and be able to build your own FF in the scale of your choice. 

The new volume soon to be published: Grande Barbosa Island volume 1! "Cruise the tropical island without leaving the comfort of your own home!" Travel to the island, visit the docks and town being developed. Learn the history of the island and study the scale drawings and photos enclosed. This Gn15 line is being built in the basement of my home. It will include two islands: Grande Barbosa and the tiny resort island for young ladies, The Last Resort. Scale drawings for the Launch, two structures and locomotives are included in Volume 1 along with the complete history and map of the island. 

These two volumes and the third to soon be published are available from Keith Glaab at FFYorke@gmail.com. Email Keith today for full details!

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