Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Model Power Plymouth body kits

I have a few resin body kits for this Model Power bash. The price is $55 plus shipping. The loco comes with bashes, dents and dings just like the real thing! The engine is included in the open compartment and most kit parts are cast resin. The following photos show two versions I built for my own lines.
Everything shown is included in the kit, save the MP chassis and the hood top sander on #501. This is a fairly easy kit to assemble and one that is great fun to paint and weather.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


This is the last kit available for this distinctive Swedish machine. The molds are shot and I do not know if I will remake them or not. The original was built in 1953 and it was battery powered. It has been re-engined several times and is now a gas, electric mechanical and is a working museum piece.

The motor necessary to power this kit (not included) is from the Bachmann On30 Street Car. The kit is composed of all resin castings and is a faithful copy of the original right down to the number of boards on the siding! This, now last of a kind kit, is available from Tom Yorke. The price is $125 plus postage: $10 in the US and actual for foreign. Please contact me at; to see if it is still available.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Two Books + One

A reminder and a new announcement! First of all, the two volume set of Frijole Flats Sketchbooks are still available from Keith Glaab at 

Volume 1 contains the initial story of Frijole Flats. Then the reader is taken on a tour of the town. There are photos and scale drawings of 13 structures and wagons along with the article "How to make styrene look like wood" as well as Basic painting instructions. This 55 page spiral bound book also includes a set of signs that can be used as is or photo copied in your scale for use. 

Volume 2 is the 42 page continuation of the town and factory complex. It features 13 more scale drawings of structures for the factory complex and a few for the town. Color images and track plans are also included. With this volume you will complete the Frijole Flats series and be able to build your own FF in the scale of your choice. 

The new volume soon to be published: Grande Barbosa Island volume 1! "Cruise the tropical island without leaving the comfort of your own home!" Travel to the island, visit the docks and town being developed. Learn the history of the island and study the scale drawings and photos enclosed. This Gn15 line is being built in the basement of my home. It will include two islands: Grande Barbosa and the tiny resort island for young ladies, The Last Resort. Scale drawings for the Launch, two structures and locomotives are included in Volume 1 along with the complete history and map of the island. 

These two volumes and the third to soon be published are available from Keith Glaab at Email Keith today for full details!

Friday, June 7, 2013


Coming soon will be a kit for a Hillside Water Tank. It features a cast Hydrocal carved stone base building with a round (steel) water tank atop complete with a resin shallow, peaked roof. There are matching stone retaining walls to be mounted on either side of the stone base building. The building is stucco finished but with places worn away showing stone and brick construction. This will be an easy to assemble kit with complete painting instructions included. Watch for it here soon...

Monday, June 3, 2013

Taiwan Mining Diesel available now

The Taiwan Mining Diesel is available again. This all cast resin model was copied from photos of the real units from the GnatterBox and Youtube. It uses a Black Beatle for power, which is not included. Choice of either link and pin or Kadee coupler compatible. Fully detailed tiny diesel engine is mounted above the frame on its stand. Complete plans and instructions included show how to add your own cab that follows the original as shown from your own scrap styrene. Available now in limited supply.

Taiwan Mining Diesel.............................................$50
            Please add $6 shipping for U.S. orders. Foreign orders please ask for exact cost. 

Order by sending payment to; Tom Yorke, 210 Pitch Lake Ct, Roswell, GA 30076 or sending Email to for details. 

The photos show this model built as close to prototype as possible, complete with hand painted caution stripes and cab made from scrap materials.
Figure not included. Stock kit shown.

Shown with scratch-built cab of styrene.

Cab is shown as it appeared on the prototype, rough and made from scrap.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Welcome to my new Gn15 emporium

This is the first post of my new blog presenting my Gn15 products for purchase. Over the next few weeks as I have time, I will add items that may be purchased by interested parties by simply sending a check to me at Tom Yorke, 210 Pitch Lake Ct, Roswell, GA 30076 or sending me an Email at Everything depicted on this site will be in stock unless otherwise noted.

The following photos show an upcoming model soon to be available. It uses the Bachmann On30 Street Car motor block for power, however, other units can be used if they are under floor mounted. The kit requires a 1/25 scale auto such as the Beverley Hillbillies Oldsmobile, Model T or A or just about any other vintage auto for the frame, motor, radiator and rear send. the frame is resin while the superstructure uprights are styrene. Watch for this one. The prototype is from New Zealand.